About Esttech

The ESTtech group has been leading the way in commercial LED light manufacturing since 2001. As students of the game, we invest our time in learning and staying ahead of the curve. Always adapting new technologies to an evolving industry.

Our LED lighting system is inspired by our past relationships producing HPS lights for world leaders in horticulture lighting technology. Utilizing patented lensing technology and chips, co-developed with Cree, our lights directly replace and surpass HPS lighting. With industry leading canopy penetration coupled with even lighting distribution, these fixtures allow you the option to grow big plants or SOG (Sea of Green) instead of limiting you to one option or the other. At ESTtech we take the time to hear your challenges and work with you to provide appropriate solutions that we can both grow from


Collaboration and technical service are central to the ESTtech mission. We work with you to create customized lighting solutions that fit your particular needs and offer on-site partner services and collaboration to ensure optimal installation and standard best practices for the operation of your entire system. Because we are also growers we take the time to ensure you are set up for success by providing watering and fertilization best practices to ease your transition into LED.

Dimmability allows our customers to fine tune the lighting intensity to their specific needs. On average, our customers have seen their lighting utilities reduced by 30-40% while canopy lighting intensity greatly increases all due to our fixtures achieving a minimum efficiency of 3.2 μmol/J.



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